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Online Reputation Management
You are great at what you do!  Let’s make sure everyone knows!


Social Media Marketing and Advertising
Social Media is a great way to create top notch customer service and drive growth!  Is your business effectively leveraging this tool?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Is your website fulfilling its intended purpose?  Where does your website rank in relevant online searches?
Online and Video Press Releases
Got big news?  We can help get the word out about your event or organizational news!

I have been doing business with Nick Bennett for quite some time now, and I only have good words to say. I am one of those people who takes forever to get around to emails and replies, however, it has not affected the quality of work Bennett Reputation Management pumps out.

Thomas Yakoob

Owner, Low Price Auto Glass

I have been selling homes for over 14 year and I’m so happy that I finally found someone that can help me get leads on the internet and not charge a fortune!  Bennett Reputation Management is priced very reasonable and offers everything you need related to getting your business going with an online presence that will get you customers

Kevin Sanderlin

Realtor, Keller Williams Realty

Check out what people are saying on yelp and Google!

4 Ways to Gain More Unfiltered Yelp Reviews

Most businesses owners have experienced the situation where they wanted to throw the computer out of the window, because they have had yelp reviews that were there one day and then filtered out the next.  This can be an extremely frustrating experience, as these...
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Online Reputation Management: 4 Easy to Implement Strategies

It is no big secret that when you are in the B2B world, you talk to A LOT of business owners.  That being said, coming from the online marketing world, this is most often the topic of conversation that comes up.  How can I best market my business online?  We talk...
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Online Reputation Management: 3 Ways to Turn the Odds in Your Favor

After a recent trip to Las Vegas, I was stuck thinking about how people line up to throw money at these big casinos on the VERY off chance that might win a couple bucks.  Don’t get me wrong, I was right there beside them, playing craps and roulette.  It is the idea of...
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4 Steps Toward Proactive Online Review Management for SMB’s

Growing up my father always seemed to lead me into conversations about how being proactive is better than being reactive.  After a lot of back and forth and some growing up on my end, I found out that he is right in almost every situation.  Well when managing your...
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