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Online Reputation Management

Online reviews are becoming increasingly important every day, with rapidly growing numbers of users and sites. According to a 2013 study by Search Engine Land, 79% of consumers now trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation. These online reviews are often seen as a nuisance by many business owners, but those who have embraced them and realized their potential are now reaping the benefits.


Bennett Reputation Management partners with businesses who are looking to create a truly engaged customer base by implementing tailored strategies to harness the power of online reviews. With a customer focused approach, BRM will help to solicit feedback from your customer base and work with you to drive new and repeat business. BRM strategies will raise online reviews scores, maintain those scores, and grow your business! After all, a 2013 Harvard business school study shows that a 1 star increase on yelp.com can translate to up to 9% increase in revenues.


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Review sites like yelp.com and countless others are intended to create a community for the consumer to review your local business. These sites have created a unique opportunity to interact with customers in a way not possible before. Online reviews are a great customer service tool, which can be used to interact with customers that were previously unreachable. With this in mind, there are many considerations concerning how a business should behave in this ever changing world. It is a well-known fact that each customer is unique in their likes and dislikes, and maneuvering the waters in the online review world takes some special considerations. Bennett Reputation Management is happy to help and act as a customer service arm for your business.
Let BRM save you time and grow your business, by taking this daunting task out of your hands. BRM wants to work with you to create world class customer service to endear your customer base. Let’s take what you have created in the real world and make sure that it is being properly translated in the online world! Located in San Diego, CA, Bennett Reputation Management is ready to help any business near or far! Call or e-mail for more information today. What’s your strategy?