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Online Advertising Agency

Looking for an Online Advertising Agency?  Well, that’s exactly what we are!  We work with ALL major platforms to maximize our client’s ad spend and work on fully tracking ROI and making sure that every dollar spent is going to work for our clients.  The online advertising world is much different than the traditional media buys of the past.  Most platforms make it very easy to get started, but to actually get a campaign that is working and bringing in sales and/or business leads is a different story.  There is a lot of “behind the scenes” work that goes on to test and implement a successful campaign and we have a long list of clients that are already using our expertise for online advertising.

Google Adwords Management

Google Adwords is arguably the most powerful search advertising platform on Earth!   There are endless options to create effective advertising campaigns on Google Adwords.  Whether it be search-based advertising or advertising on the Google Display Networks powerful network of over 3 Million websites, there is a strategy there that makes sense for almost every business!  That being said, it is a VERY complicated platform to work on.  Of course, like many others, they make it very easy to get started, but this platform more than any other can be very easy to waste money on if you are a novice.  We will save you the horror stories.

Do you have a product or service that people search for?  If so Google Search Ads are a great place to start.  We have tools to estimate ad spend and to also reverse engineer competitors online advertising efforts to make sure that every client is getting the maximum ROI on every dollar spent.

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Social Media Advertising

Social Media Marketing Advertising is another key element to an online advertising strategy.  Each platform has its own considerations and targeting options.  Some of the most crucial steps that we will take you through as an online advertising agency is identifying your avatars and target market.  Our custom worksheets help our clients to pin down the exact demographics of the prospects that they want to get in front of.  Whether you have a brick and mortar business or an Ecom business pinning down the right platforms for your avatar is the first key to success.  We advertising on ALL major social platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Youtube, and Twitter.  These are obviously the giants, but as social media advertising becomes more niche they always keep us on our toes!

E-commerce Advertising

E-commerce advertising is an online advertising challenge all its own.  Of course, it doesn’t start and end with Amazon, but they do still reign king of the Ecom world, so if you can get that one right you can scale out from there.  We have run many successful Amazon e-commerce ad campaigns for our clients.  Some other great platforms like Facebook and Instagram are also perfect for Ecom sales.  Most importantly just like everything else, having a working strategy in place is crucial, along with knowing your demographics.  We track from click to sale to make sure our clients know exactly where each dollar in sales is coming from, so they can then allocate the proper resources.

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Fully Traceable ROI

Over our years in this business, the most common complaint we have heard from new clients coming from other internet marketing services is “There is not a way to track ROI”.  Well we are happy to say that this is not the case.  We have solutions in place to track your digital marketing ROI no matter what the business type.  Not just leaning on Google Analytics or Facebook insights, truly tracking how many calls, sales, leads, or purchases your business has received and exactly where those sales came from.  Was it a certain keyword?  Was it a Facebook Ad campaign?  Or maybe an email marketing blast?  We can track it all so you know exactly where to allocate your online marketing resources.  It’s not simple for us…but the good news is that it is very simple for you.

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