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Internet Marketing Service in San Diego

Internet Marketing Service and Strategy

Our Internet Marketing Service is geared to created custom solutions for SMBs.  Internet Marketing is a FAST changing game and the team at Bennett Reputation Management love the challenge!  Here at BRM we have the best tools and training to get our loyal clients the best results no matter what the need.  There are a lot of “jack of all trades” type people floating around in the internet marketing world and this is absolutely not our approach.  We have added strategic team members over the years and continually updated our knowledge at digital marketing conferences to ensure that we are always implementing cutting-edge techniques for our clients.  Online marketing is a moving target, and we pride ourselves on always staying ahead of the curve to ensure our clients current and future are getting every penny of ROI possible with their digital marketing efforts!

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is generally the backbone of any Internet Marketing Strategy.  Our team at BRM has gotten countless clients results in this arena and we don’t even hesitate to refer to ourselves as SEO experts, though many make that claim falsely.  Our team has over a decade of SEO experience in a variety of different niches and boy has it changed in those 10 years!  A solid foundation with a well thought out strategy is crucial to a successful SEO campaign these days.  There is no “on” switch, rather just dedication to the pursuit of ongoing results.

Internet Marketing San Diego
Internet Marketing Company San Diego

Social Media Marketing and Advertising

Social Media Marketing and Advertising is also crucial to a full-scale internet marketing service.  This is another case of building a solid foundation and then picking a fluid strategy that will move yours toward your digital marketing goals.  Choosing the right channels to market and advertise on is the most important key to success.  If you get this wrong, the campaign will never get off the ground.  Then building a solid posting strategy with different offers and Call Outs.  These are the most basic principals to Social Media Marketing and Advertising, but I see it done wrong often.  At BRM we build custom strategies because in reality there is not a one size fits all solution that actually works.

E-mail Marketing Service

Our Email Marketing Service is another key element to success with Digital Marketing.  The most common “low hanging fruit” that we see with new clients is the hesitancy to implement a solid email marketing strategy.  Most are worried that it will come off to aggressive, but there is a reason that Facebook, Amazon, and all the other digital giants email and alter you constantly.  It is becuase it works!  Also, email marketing is the highest ROI in the digital world.

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Fully Traceable ROI

Over our years in this business, the most common complaint we have heard from new clients coming from other internet marketing services is “There is not a way to track ROI”.  Well we are happy to say that this is not the case.  We have solutions in place to track your digital marketing ROI no matter what the business type.  Not just leaning on Google Analytics or Facebook insights, truly tracking how many calls, sales, leads, or purchases your business has received and exactly where those sales came from.  Was it a certain keyword?  Was it a Facebook Ad campaign?  Or maybe an email marketing blast?  We can track it all so you know exactly where to allocate your online marketing resources.  It’s not simple for us…but the good news is that it is very simple for you.

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