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Custom Digital Marketing Agency in San Diego

Not all Digital Marketing Agency approaches are the same that is for sure!  While there are a TON of great resources out there – the digital world is not a one size fits all environment.  The days of packages sold to the masses are long gone.  With every algorithm update on every platform, these standardized approaches become less and less effective.  That is exactly why we offer Custom Digital Marketing solutions in San Diego and beyond, here at BRM!

Whether the need is for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Online Advertising, E-mail Marketing or some other avenue, we work with our loyal clients to put together custom digital marketing solutions that make sense for their business and don’t break the bank like many large agencies.  We can put together effective solutions within almost any marketing budget and while we are not always the cheapest, we often hear that our clients get the most bang for their buck with our digital marketing agency when they quote out with others.  We put together solutions that make sense for our clients!

Digital Marketing Agency Services

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as a Digital Marketing Strategy

Here at BRM, we work ongoing SEO campaigns for businesses in countless different niches and some clients are getting as much as 90% of their new business leads directly from this search marketing tactic.  The key to SEO is having a long-term plan that includes great content and a lot of know-how.  Of course, if you do to little, you will never rank in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), but then again if you do too much too soon it can be detrimental to what you are trying to accomplish.  Those of you that are familiar with SEO know how finicky of a game it can be, which is why it is important to have real pros on your side.  

There are a TON of “experts” out there, but many are resellers of other services or are plainly just good salespeople.  Here at BRM everything is done in-house and quarterbacked by our knowledgeable team to ensure that you stay on top of the SERPs, but most importantly, get the sales associated with “pole position”.  Google Reputation Management San Diego – and see who shows up ūüôā

Custom Marketing Solutions for Social Media

Just as with everything else in tech, social media is a fast-paced game.  Ultimately what most people are worried about is how to get their message out to as many people as possible.  While there are a variety of different opinions on what works here, the reality is that every business and organization has a different need.  We have worked with Ecom businesses that use Social Media Advertising as a tool to drive sales, we have worked with others that use it as a branding tool or customer service tool, and others that are just trying to drive foot traffic into a brick and motor business.  The variables are endless and we understand that getting it right from the start is key!

We start every new social media marketing and advertising client out with a workshop on how to identify who they are trying to get in front.  Of course, there are a TON of great products and services out there, but we make sure to get out of our clients from the word go, what it is that will make people want to take the action they want.  Saying, I am awesome, may work with Mom, but probably not with the public :).  The key is honing in on detailed avatar profiles and making sure that you continue to add to those profiles, as the data tells you to.  We are a data-driven marketing agency – and that is where the results come from!

E-mail Marketing Service

Last, but certainly not least, we are an E-mail Marketing Agency.  E-mail marketing may be the most underused tool in the SMB world.  People are often worried about annoying their past and potential clients/customers.  While this is understandable, if you are adding value and approaching email the right way, this should never be a concern.  If you are looking for a professional E-mail Marketing Agency in San Diego or elsewhere, to guide your efforts, you have stopped in the right place.  We LOVE to nerd out on email automation :).

Fully Traceable ROI

Over our years in this business, the most common complaint we have heard from new clients coming from other internet¬†marketing services is “There is not a way to track ROI”.¬† Well we are happy to say that this is not the case.¬† We have solutions in place to track your digital marketing ROI no matter what the business type.¬† Not just leaning on Google Analytics or Facebook insights, truly tracking how many calls, sales, leads, or purchases your business has received and exactly where those sales came from.¬† Was it a certain keyword?¬† Was it a Facebook Ad campaign?¬† Or maybe an email marketing blast?¬† We can track it all so you know exactly where to allocate your online marketing resources.¬† It’s not simple for us…but the good news is that it is very simple for you.

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