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Social Media Marketing is an ever changing landscape with new avenues opening up every day.  While most people are at least familiar with Facebook advertising in passing, they may not know how detailed you can get and what all features exist within the platform.  There is not a fool proof method that works for every business type.  As a matter of fact, what works for one pizza shop may not work for another, just as with any marketing initiative.

In this article I wanted to touch base on one specific feature of Facebook advertising, which is the creation of offers.  Your business can get very creative with promoted offers and it also can make your ROI a little easier to track on the platform.  As with any other advertising a lot of funds and time can be wasted if you are not doing things the right way, which is why I chose to outline 4 simple rules to think about before spending any money on advertised offers with Facebook.

  1. Who? – Who are you trying to reach?  The offer needs to be completely tailored to this audience and if it is not, create multiple offers.  For instance if a pizza shop wants to bring more lunch business, the offer should target people that work near the restaurant and focus on highly profitable lunch items.  Seems like a no brainer, but Facebook ADS allow you to get more specific than print type coupons, so the more detail you can offer the better your results.
  1. What? – What exactly are you promoting?  A picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure that you have a high quality image that portrays your product in a positive light.  A shoddy image will only hurt the performance of your offer.  Also, do not make the offer something that a person needs a mathematics degree from an Ivy League school to understand.  Simple, simple, simple, you will get a split second if that for someone to get the point.
  1. Why? – Make sure that your ad is creative! Please! This is HUGE!  Why would someone come to your pizza shop instead of the other 10,000?  Give them a reason.  People do business with people they like, give them a creative way to like you.  Social Media allows for deeper connections than regular advertising channels, so make sure to capitalize on that.  I’m certain that you care about your customers, make sure they know.
  1. Ask – Ask your followers what items they would like to see on special and why?  You can even run a contest around this that will get you some great engagement and then when you deliver on it also get you a higher number of offers redeemed.  Even if you don’t ask make sure to give the people what they want!  Don’t put an offer out trying to promote your worst product just to get it off the shelf, people can see right through that and the offer will likely tank.

This is only the tip of the iceberg with Facebook offers and there are countless ways to get creative in this feature.  My recommendation is to plan a few months in advance and run a couple at the same time to get an understanding of what works and what does not.  If done correctly, this will be time well spent for your business.