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There are many different approaches to building a solid social media presence to market your SMB.  The most effective marketers use a variety of different approaches and constantly adjust the sails to stay on top of their game.  Testing things, being creative, and most importantly being genuine.  Let’s get real, outside of the Superbowl, no one really likes being marketed to.

This holds especially true when talking about social media, because consumers treat this as a private space that they have some control over.  They choose who to like or follow and can just as easily unlike or unfollow if they so choose.  So with this in mind, how do you get in front of people that actually want to hear what you have to say?  My best answer is to be genuine in your approach, but what does that even mean?

Simply put, by saying you should be genuine, this means don’t constantly do things only to benefit your own business.  Respect other people’s pages and accounts and don’t SPAM them.  Post relevant things and comment as a person not as a business.  Comments are one of the best ways to really get in front of your audience, but the aforementioned rule of being genuine holds especially true when commenting.  Below are a few considerations to get you headed in the right direction when commenting on social media as a business.

  1. Be Genuine – This is of the upmost importance when commenting and communicating on both business and personal pages.  Remember that whatever you write is there for good, so if you use the opportunity to SPAM someone it can come back to haunt you.  People like to interact with the businesses they patronize, but on their terms.
  1. Listen first, ask second – If you are really honed into your processes on social media, there will be many times when you will find yourself right in the middle of a solid lead for your business.  This is great news, right?  Yes, but only if approached in the right way.  Make sure to listen to what they are saying and comment accordingly.  For instance, think of an auto shop that ran into someone on social media that said their brakes were making noise.  Although your gut reaction may be to say “we are doing brake specials for $199.00”, the better approach would be “sounds like it may just be brake pads, which shouldn’t be too expensive regardless of where you take your car”.  This will initiate conversation and allow them to come to you, without you even asking.
  1. Don’t Overdo It! – With Social Media comments, there can most certainly be too much of a good thing.  Comment sparingly please!  Don’t comment every day on random posts just to try and get in front of people, choose a few and choose wisely.  Don’t be the person that talks nonstop and never listens.  Social Media is more like real life than you would think!

I cannot stress enough the importance of being genuine, especially when commenting on social media posts.  People can see right through the ulterior motive and it will give your brand a bad rep that can be hard to recover from.  Think then post!